Kmt: a word without vowels pronounced Kamit, Kemet, and Kemit.
"This is the strongest term existing in the Pharonic tongue to indicate blackness; it is accordingly written with the hieroglyph representing a length of wood charred at the end..."

Mother Neter: Origin of nature.
Neter, the generic Kmt word for the creator gives us the Latin word natura and the English word nature.

Kmt-stry: Origin of the atom concept.
Conscious intelligent action is the source of material creations, but consciousness itself is immaterial and seems to be nothing. Because it has no form of its own, it cannot be touched, broken, or divided. The Kmt name for this source, which is at the base of all material, is Atm. This gives us the word atom by way of the Greeks that studied in Kmt. Chemistry is the study of the material atom rather than the immaterial Atm studied in Kmt. The study of material in Kmt was called the study of Ra. The shirt has the original metu "hieroglyph" Kmt next to a contemporary icon for an atom.

Shu and Tefnut: Origin of Yin and Yang
Shu and Tefnut are the fundamental principles of expansion and contraction, the complementary opposites in this world. They can be felt as HOT and COLD. High energy material expands and feels hot while low energy material contracts and feels cold. The higher the speed of the atoms in the material, the higher the heat. When material gets hot it loses water and water collects on material that gets cold. So the expansive Shu can also be felt as DRY while the contacting Tefnut can be felt as WET. In Kmt, the interaction of Shu and Tefnut create the four fundamental principles that generate all temperament and temperature.

Shu expansion - HOT / DRY

Tefnut contraction - COLD / WET

The interaction of Shu and Tefnut - HOT / WET and COLD / DRY

The four temperament metaphors:
(fire) - HOT / DRY  aggressive
(air) - HOT / WET  only appears aggressive
(earth) - COLD / DRY  only appears passive
(water) - COLD / WET  passive

The principles of Shu and Tefnut became the fundamental elements of Alchemy - Fire, Water, Air, and Earth. Tefnut became known as Yin and Shu became known as Yang.

Anuk Ausar:
Thoughts that rationalize destructive behavior because the behavior brings pleasure is referred to as Set. That behavior keeps you from living your best life. To overcome that behavior you must use your will to ignore the pleasure and ultimately stop the behavior. Then you will be living your best life. A person that completely gets rid of Set in Kmt is called an Ausar. Anuk Ausar means I am Ausar, living my best life.